Spontaneous Osterie

From all over Italy at the Arrogant Sour Festival on Sundays and Mondays, starting at 12.00, there will be 7 of the best taverns!
Their hosts and their chefs, eating and drinking companions, will be among us to bring you a taste of their cuisine: true, genuine, spontaneous.
Food sinners, are you ready?


Ostreria Fratelli Pavesi

A twentieth-century courtyard immersed in the Piacenza valleys and three brothers are the main ingredients of OsTREria: yes, it’s not a mistake!
Descendants of a historic family of restaurateurs, Giacomo, innkeeper by vocation, Giuseppe, the chef, and Camillo, manager of the shop where the legendary giardiniera and mustards are born, manage this tavern with passion, combining respect for tradition with innovation and looking for top quality products to best enhance the flavors and aromas of raw materials.


• Sandwich with hot cooked Shoulder Ham, F.lli Pavesi pickled vegetables and sauces

• Beans with pork rinds

Ristorante Consorzio

Consorzio, which has become a presidium among restaurants, is located in Turin city centre.
It is often cited for the passion for wine, product research, the enhancement of raw materials, wild herbs and forgotten vegetables.
Pietro Vergano and Andrea Gherra, with chef Valentina Chiaramonte, present a typical Piedmontese cuisine with choices that embrace traditions flanked by some modern reinterpretations. Awarded this year by Osterie d’Italia for the best wine list entitled “Excess and reflections”, an intriguing motto that sums up the spirit of the place.


• Bun stuffed with Veal and Tuna Sauce

• Naan bread with spiced heart meatballs

Trattoria Trippa

In the shadow of the Milanese arch of Porta Romana we find Trippa, a retro-style trattoria that has conquered the palates of all of Italy. Vintage pervades the atmosphere of the premises, from the furniture to the mise en place, every detail at Trippa has a story to tell.
Diego Rossi, unstoppable chef, offers home cooking characterized by the use of strictly seasonal vegetables and fruit, by the recovery of waste and poor cuts: he is considered a point of reference for the dissemination of knowledge and use of offals in the kitchen.


• Sandwich with Tripe

• Sandwich with Tastasal (mixture of fresh minced pork that is traditionally tasted – “tasta” – to understand if the stuffing of the sausage is good)

Trattoria da Lucio

In the heart of the Romagna Riviera, Jacopo Ticchi, born in 1994, is undermining the concept of traditional fish cuisine.
Jacopo offers unique dishes, identity, which had never been seen in Rimini and throughout Italy, with the aim of creating new perspectives on the world of fish. Aging has become his cooking philosophy.
At Lucio the fish is processed as if it were meat, to extract the maximum yield: nothing is thrown away from the animal, including offal, which are more than 60% of the fish’s body.
Extreme flavors for stunned hearts.


• Puff piada with mixed fish Ventresca (belly)

• Skewer of Moletto fish livers and spring onions


Cascina Lago Scuro

At the gates of Cremona, an old seventeenth-century farmhouse hosts Lago Scuro: farm, dairy, vegetable garden, agrinursery, laboratory and restaurant.
Surrounding the farmhouse, a garden full of oaks, magnolias, hazelnuts and other tree species that make the place a natural oasis of peace.
Lago Scuro was born from the will of Fabio and Paola who in 1990 went back to doing “real” agriculture: organic, sustainable, quality. Now his son Luca and his wife Federica have also entered this reality.
Their goal is to revive the rural tradition of the farmhouses of the past, producing in full what is offered.
Since 1998, Bruna Italiana heads have been bred to produce the milk they use in their dairy and the authentic Livornese breed hens. There is also a vegetable garden that covers an area of about two hectares and an organic monococcus cultivation with which they produce the flour for the bread.


• Selection of mixed cheeses of own production

Osteria alla Concorrenza

A few steps from the Madonnina, inside an old hardware store, three friends, who later became partners, realize their dream: to open a tavern, a symbol of rest and refreshment, where you can stop for a bite and a few glasses of wine.
Enricomaria Porta, Diego Rossi from Trippa, and Josef Khattabi from Kanpai, give life to Osteria Alla Concorrenza, a place where time seems to have stopped, but instead runs fast.
The wine offer ranges between 200 and 300 “Viniscelti” labels, as the restaurant sign states, products of vignerons who work in respect of the product and the vineyard, what we could define as natural wines.
As in the taverns of the past, there is no kitchen: you can taste small preparations (horse tartare, unconventional salads, preserves) alongside a rich selection of cold cuts and cheeses.
The backbone of the tavern is the innkeeper Enricomaria, “written all together”, a tireless chatterer and a volcano of energy and sympathy.

Wine Proposals

• Azienda Agricola Distina
Castell’Arquato (Pc)

• Vino del Poggio
Travo (Pc)

• Tenuta Vitivinicola Croci
Castell’Arquato (Pc)

• La Stoppa
Rivergaro (Pc)

• Azienda Agricola Denavolo
Travo (Pc)

• Montecorneo 570

• Franchina e Giarone
Formigine (Mo)

• DWNL – Drink wines, not labels
Montelupo Albese (Cn)

• Mediterraneo Project
Liguria di Levante

Osteria del Viandante

The historic Osteria del Viandante has reopened with an impressive restoration of the thirteenth-century castle by Marco Bizzarri, CEO of Gucci. The atmosphere is rich for both the eyes and the palate.
You are immediately captivated by the majestic chandelier that dominates the staircase at the entrance, then it is a succession of frescoes, marble, porcelain that almost make you forget you are in Rubiera, a small Emilian town on the border with Reggio Emilia.
Travelers who come here are catapulted into a culinary experience that does not deny the identity of the Emilian territory, but rather enhances it through shades of contemporaneity.
Fresh pasta stuffed or seasoned, balsamic vinegar, cold cuts and rare cheeses, are the forerunners for a menu featuring fine meats, fish from the rivers of the area and fresh fish from the Adriatic, with some pleasant escape towards international ingredients such as foie gras and caviar.
At the head of this enterprise is an enlightened and enlightening chef, Jacopo Malpeli, flanked by Leonardo Giribaldi. Following the room is the maître André Joao Cunha Fiaes. With him the sommelier Mauro Rizzi.


• Fine de Claire oysters, Yuzu almond cream and Cucumber pearls

• The Sandwich: marinated and grilled front fillet, smoked stracciatella, pickled artichokes, nettles, spicy mayonnaise with mustard, turmeric and our homemade seed bread

• Pork rinds with Beans: from semi-wild pigs, slowly cooked with borlotti beans, black scorzone truffle, dandelion, burnt onion and rosemary