Our Mission

The Arrogant Sour Festival was born to spread the culture of Sour Beer Ales.

We are not just a Festival, but a nonprofit organization; we use all of our energy and resources to spread knowledge, do research, and organize various activities in Italy and abroad (Festivals, tours, workshops, corners, etc). We do this to widen our community and inform everyone on sour beers: their history, how to drink them, how to pair them with food.

Most importantly, we want to create a bond, a network between people who dedicated their life to excellency.

The Festival is made of niche products, artisanal breweries, homebrewers, food, and a community of people who are passionate about sour beers and want to experience the Arrogant Sour Festival. We want to create a network of people in the great environment of the sour beers’ world.