Our history

Maybe you won’t believe this, sinners, but back in the 90s Alle Belli still completely ignored the existence of his dear sour beers.

It was towards the end of that decade that he met sour beers for the first time and we have to thank the Goblin’s publican, Umberto, for having given Alle Belli his first sour beer to taste!

In the early 2000s came the epiphany, the experience that unknowingly started what brought us where we are today… it was the first time Alle Belli went to Cantillon.


 “It has been the event that has moved me the most, in the past years, because I come from the land of Lambrusco wine, my grandfather used to bottle it at home and the scent of fermentation and wine cellar was always present in our house. When I went to Cantillon for the first time I did it with my eyes shut, out of reverence, and I immediately smelled that same scent that I used to smell when my grandfather was bottling Lambrusco wine. I come from the only region in Italy that has always produced red fermented wine, which is a big deal…! I fell in love with this world and I have always respected it; let’s not forget that it takes 2 to 3 years to produce a sour beer: it’s a lifestyle, you need to respect the environment to do it, and if the beer doesn’t come out well, you have to wait another year…”

So, after this experience, the boss started studying and traveling and he discovered, year after year, different types of beer. Finally, one day he decided that he would dedicate a Festival to this world of beers and brewers, and being Alle Belli, when he puts himself up to something, he manages to achieve it!

That is the story of how, in 2013, the first edition of the Arrogant Sour Festival took place. In only one day, he hosted 40 different types of sour beer and 500 people coming from all over Italy. In the second edition, he already had 70 types of beers… “everybody thought I was crazy”, he says, and things are still the same, everyone still calls him crazy! But we know him and we can guarantee that this craziness is fuelled from a great passion and it has created a network of people, it has created all of this, it’s his strength!