Our proposals


Famous for their heavy pork cold cuts.


• Fried bread stuffed with smoked Bettella’s Shoulder Ham
• Selection of Bettella’s cold cuts with Mortadella, classic Bacon Reserve, and smoked Shoulder Ham

Caffè Terzi

Coffee innovators and revolutionaries


• Nicaragua Natural Espresso
• Kenya Espresso
• Nicaragua Pour Over
• Kenya Pour Over (about 250 ml)
• Comparative tasting Nicaragua Espresso + Kenya Espresso
• Comparative tasting Nicaragua Espresso + Nicaragua Pour Over
• Comparative tasting Kenya Espresso + Kenya Pour Over

Cremeria Capolinea

Among the best artisan gelato shops in Italy


Cup of ice cream or Focaccia filled with: cream, zabaglione, hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry, bread, butter and jam, salted caramel, spirulina and gastronomic flavour in rotation

Forno Moderno

Traditional baked goods from Reggio Emilia, one above all: Erbazzone!


• Plain focaccia with lard on the top
• Flat bread
• Traditional Erbazzone: savory pie of the Reggiana tradition with spinach, chard, Reggiano cheese and pork lard
• Vegan Erbazzone with spirulina
• Vegetarian Erbazzone with spirulina

Macelleria Brarda

A reference butcher shop for Piedmontese fassona and fat ox. Their tartare has made history


• Tartare burger with garlic and anchovy mayonnaise and aromatic extra virgin olive oil
In rotation
• Liver Paté with Old Samperi wine
• Millefeuille of marinated head and onions

Osteria Km Zero

A reference tavern for the culinary tradition of Reggio Emilia


• Stuffed pasta with ricotta, spinach, and chard sauteed with butter and sage
• Vegetarian Lasagna with seasonal vegetables
• Sheep steaks with crunchy salad and Spirulina yogurt
• Chicory and Pecorino cheese from Roberto the shepherd

Rèz Quality Food

Selection of top quality cold cuts and cheeses from Emilia Romagna


• Sandwich with Rèz Salami
• Sandwich with Rèz Raw Ham
• Sandwich with Sheep Ham
• Selection of Rèz cold cuts with con Raw Ham, Salami e Loin
• Selection of Rèz cheese: Reggiano 60 months, Pecorino from Apennines, Reggiano Red Cows 30 months

Slow Cooked

Sandwiches and dishes made with slow cooked meat… on top of the list: Pulled Pork!


• Sandwich with pulled pork and coleslaw
• Ciabattina bread with beef tongue, green sauce and pickle
• Yorkshire pudding with brisket and gravy sauce

Storie Dipinte

A milestone of the ASF, their pizzas need no introduction


San Marzano Tomato, Fiordilatte, Basil, EVO Oil

Fuori Norma
Vesuvius yellow tomato, smoked buffalo mozzarella, eggplant, pepper, restriction of basil

Steamed Pizza with Stracciatella, Asparagus Salad, Red Shrimp Tartare

Non friggetemi la Pizza
Fried Pizza, Stracciatella, Rèz Raw Ham, Lemon Zest