Our proposals


Famous for their heavy pork cold cuts.


• Fried bread stuffed with smoked Bettella’s Shoulder Ham
• Selection of Bettella’s cold cuts with Mortadella, classic Bacon Reserve, and smoked Shoulder Ham

Caffè Terzi

Coffee innovators and revolutionaries


• Nicaragua Natural Espresso
• Kenya Espresso
• Nicaragua Pour Over
• Kenya Pour Over (about 250 ml)
• Comparative tasting Nicaragua Espresso + Kenya Espresso
• Comparative tasting Nicaragua Espresso + Nicaragua Pour Over
• Comparative tasting Kenya Espresso + Kenya Pour Over

Cremeria Capolinea

Among the best artisan gelato shops in Italy


Cup of ice cream or Focaccia filled with: cream, zabaglione, hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry, bread, butter and jam, salted caramel, spirulina and gastronomic flavour in rotation

Forno Moderno

Traditional baked goods from Reggio Emilia, one above all: Erbazzone!


• Plain focaccia with lard on the top
• Flat bread
• Traditional Erbazzone: savory pie of the Reggiana tradition with spinach, chard, Reggiano cheese and pork lard
• Vegan Erbazzone with spirulina
• Vegetarian Erbazzone with spirulina

Macelleria Brarda

A reference butcher shop for Piedmontese fassona and fat ox. Their tartare has made history


• Tartare burger with garlic and anchovy mayonnaise and aromatic extra virgin olive oil
In rotation
• Liver Paté with Old Samperi wine
• Millefeuille of marinated head and onions

Osteria Km Zero

A reference tavern for the culinary tradition of Reggio Emilia


• Stuffed pasta with ricotta, spinach, and chard sauteed with butter and sage
• Vegetarian Lasagna with seasonal vegetables
• Sheep steaks with crunchy salad and Spirulina yogurt
• Chicory and Pecorino cheese from Roberto the shepherd

Rèz Quality Food

Selection of top quality cold cuts and cheeses from Emilia Romagna


• Sandwich with Rèz Salami
• Sandwich with Rèz Raw Ham
• Sandwich with Sheep Ham
• Selection of Rèz cold cuts with con Raw Ham, Salami e Loin
• Selection of Rèz cheese: Reggiano 60 months, Pecorino from Apennines, Reggiano Red Cows 30 months

Slow Cooked

Sandwiches and dishes made with slow cooked meat… on top of the list: Pulled Pork!


• Sandwich with pulled pork and coleslaw
• Ciabattina bread with beef tongue, green sauce and pickle
• Yorkshire pudding with brisket and gravy sauce

Storie Dipinte

A milestone of the ASF, their pizzas need no introduction


San Marzano Tomato, Fiordilatte, Basil, EVO Oil

Fuori Norma
Vesuvius yellow tomato, smoked buffalo mozzarella, eggplant, pepper, restriction of basil