Who are we

Alessandro Belli started working at the age of 17 in his father’s bar. When he was 20 he pursued his passion by taking 2 courses in AIBES (mixology) and became sommelier at the age of 23 and a master cheese taster at the age of 24.

During his years of training he worked and later became a partner at the Podere Elisa resaurant in Vezzano near Reggio Emilia, renowned for its wine cellar with approximately 500 labels. Here he also started working in the kitchen acquiring important knowledge in food preparation and also in head waiter skills.

He cultivated his passion for beer, which began in 2001, thanks to trips to Germany, Belgium and England, during which he met brewers from all over Europe and selected beers from the best breweries.

For 10 years now Alle has been managing the Arrogant pub di Reggio Emilia with Elisa. For him it is more of a project than a pub, born with the aim of making quality food in an informal environment. Careful attention, good food service, hospitality, beer, food and high professionalism are their main focus, in addition to their audacious arrogance that distinguishes them in character and in their choices!

I strongly believe in the network between people to build a movement of individuals as well as products. I have always worked trying to form a group with my colleagues. For this reason, in 2011, I founded UNITED INDIPUBS, a network of 7 independent pubs (6 Italian and 1 Spanish) that has had a lot of follow-up throughout Italy. The UNITED INDIPUBS all freed themselves from big major beer labels by owning their own beer taps which allowed them to make independent choices and work with small breweries.