On Tap

🇨🇭 À Tue-Tête!

  • Foudre (6,8% vol.)
  • Barrel aged mix fermented red sour ale, dry hopped with noble hops

  • Rouge (7,4% vol.)
  • Dark ale aged in oak barrels, with berries

  • Surette (6,4% vol.)
  • Golden sour ale aged in oak barrels

  • Fleur de Sureau (6,4% vol.)
  • Barrel aged golden sour ale, with organic Swiss elderflowers

🇫🇷 Ammonite

  • Transhumance 2021 (6,5% vol.)
  • Blend of a farmhouse and a spontaneous beer with grapes
    of Burgundy winemakers

🇮🇹 Birra dell'Eremo

  • Madue Passion Fruit Sour Ale (5,6% vol.)
  • Sour ale brewed with passion fruit, using Kluyveromyces thermotolerans yeast

🇮🇹 Bonavena

  • Peach Floyd (11% vol.)
  • Tripel base aged for 12 months in ex Aglianico oak barrels and added with 35% native Sannio peaches, refermented with a blend of Brettanomyces

🇧🇪 Cantillon

  • Gueuze (5% vol.)
  • Lambic blend from different years

  • Kriek (5% vol.)
  • Lambic blend from different years to which organic cherries with peel and stone are added

  • Rosé de Gambrinus (5% vol.)
  • Lambic blend from different years with fresh raspberries

  • Vigneronne (5% vol.)
  • Lambic blend from different years with addition of Viognier grapes

  • Grenache Blanc (6,5% vol.)
  • 2-year-old Lambic on Grenache Blanc from the Ventajou estate (Minervois)

  • Fou’ Foune (5% vol.)
  • Two-year Lambic to which pitted Bergeron apricots are added for two months. Aged two years in cask

  • Sang Bleu (6% vol.)
  • Previously called Camerise, is an experimental Lambic with haskap berries from Québec added (Lonicera caerulea)

  • Cuvée Saint-Gilloise (5% vol.)
  • Founded in 2004 and dedicated to the Union Saint-Gilloise football team. It is a Lambic aged in cask two years with the addition of cold hopping

  • Saint-Lamvinus (5% vol.)
  • Lambic blend from different year with the addition of Cabernet and Merlot grapes. Aged in barrels which in turn previously contained Bordeaux wine

🇨🇭 Chien Bleu

  • Abricot/Pêche (6% vol.)
  • Saison with peaches and apricots

  • Tarocco 2021 (6% vol.)
  • Saison with Tarocco oranges

  • Cédrat 2021 (6% vol.)
  • Saison with cedar

  • Cidre 2021 (6,3% vol.)
  • Cider

🇪🇸 Cyclic Beer Farm

  • Xino Xano (4% vol.)
  • Seasonal release with 50% organic Belgian malted barley, 25% Belgian malted wheat, 25% Spanish wheat. Co-fermented with house yeast, then finished with dry hopping

  • Pomelo del Huerto 2022 (4% vol.)
  • Fruited gose with Indian coriander, Himalayan pink salt, fresh juice and zest and a light dry hopping of citrusy Ekuanot hops

  • Jamaica 2022 (5,5% vol.)
  • Beer inspired by Jamaica Water: a typical Caribbean drink that is both sweet and sour. It is made by 100% Belgian malt Pilsner with 4kg of hibiscus added

  • Herbie (5,6% vol.)
  • Mix-fermentation Saison aged for 14 months in an oak barrel

🇧🇪 De Troch

  • Kriek Lambic (4% vol.)
  • Lambic with cherries

🇺🇸 Jester King

  • Spon #2 2018 Three Year Blend (5,7% vol.)
  • Three-year blend of 2015, 2016 and 2017 spontaneously fermented beer inspired by authentic Belgian Lambic

🇮🇹 Klanbarrique

  • Flos Alba Agrumi (5,7% vol.)
  • High fermentation wheat beer, aged in Trentino red wine barrels, with citrus fruits

  • Marzarimen (7,5% vol.)
  • Italian grape ale produced with 25% of Marzemino grapes from the cellars of Tarczal. Fermented in open tonneaux with indigenous yeasts of the grapes and aged in barriques

  • Bang Bretta (7,9% vol.)
  • IPA aged in Trentino red wine barrels with brettanomyces

  • Malmadura (3,5% vol.)
  • Beer produced starting from a base of beer must with the addition of 25% by weight of unripe grapes (“Malmadura” in the Trentino dialect)

🇬🇧 Little Earth Project

  • Russian Imperial Stout 2017 (11,4% vol.)
  • Beer aged in red wine barrel with wild yeast for 11 months

🇮🇹 Manifattura Birre Bologna

  • Lichtenhainer (3,8% vol.)
  • Old German style with a moderately sour and smoky taste

🇮🇹 Monpiër de Gherdëina

  • Pier dla Ferata (4,1% vol.)
  • Wild gose aged 8 months in sparkling wine barrels, fermented with mother yeast, spiced with the addition of salt

  • Wild Berliner Weisse alle More e Lamponi (3,2% vol.)
  • Berliner weisse aged 6 months in oak barrels with the addition of raspberries and blackberries from Alto Adige

  • Wild Berliner Weisse alle Marasche (4,2% vol.)
  • Berliner weisse aged 6 months in oak barrels with the addition of Venetian cherries

  • Wild Lichtenhainer (4,7% vol.)
  • Beer with smoked wheat and malt born in collaboration with Albirrificio di Aosta

🇳🇱 Nevel

  • Alm 2018 Batch #4 (5,5% vol.)
  • Saison with “forgotten” herbs and wild yeasts

  • Borderless 2018 (%5,7 vol.)
  • Wild ale produced with limets, a Bulgarian heritage grain and blended with Tepache, a wild-fermented pineapple drink with Bulgarian Habaneros from Chilli Hills Farm

🇧🇪 Oud Beersel

  • Krieken Lambiek (7,5% vol.)
  • Lambic with the addition of sour cherries (400g/liter). After fermentation, the beer is blended with an older Lambic

  • Rabarber Lambiek (5% vol.)
  • Lambic with fresh rhubarb sourced from a local organic farm. Rhubarb rests on the Lambic during 3 to 4 months

  • Elderflower Infused Lambic (6,8% vol.)
  • Infused Lambic with elderflowers

  • Sweet Osmanthus Infused Lambic (6,8% vol.)
  • Infused Lambic with sweet osmanthus

🇮🇹 Podere La Berta

  • Vècc Barrel (7,2% vol.)
  • Vielle Saison obtained from the refinement of Vècc beer in Chardonnay barrels, with the addition of fresh must

  • Doga (9% vol.)
  • Old ale aged 18 months in tonneau ex-Chianti

  • Macchia (6,5% vol.)
  • Collab. with Nevel. Made with a “Tuscan” gruit composed by juniper, cones, and olive tree leaves. Fermented with Nevel’s yeast and aged for 6 months in Chardonnay barrels

🇧🇪 Rodenbach

  • Vintage 2016 (7% vol.)
  • Flemish red ale aged in cask

  • Foederbier 2017 (6% vol.)
  • Unfiltered and unpasteurized version, aged for up to 18 months in oak barrel, drawn directly from the foeder

🇺🇸 Sour Cellars

  • Near and far Curios Club 2018 (8,9% vol.)
  • Barrel aged honey-saison base, brewed in 5/2017, re-fermented in the barrel with Gewürztraminer grape juice and passionfruit puree, then lightly dry hopped with Cascade

🇮🇹 Stradaregina

  • Sourflowers Blend #1 Sambuco (5,5% vol.)
  • Blend of spontaneously fermented Lambic-style beer from different ages with the addition of fresh elderflower

  • Sourflowers Blend #2 Robinia (6% vol.)
  • Blend of spontaneously fermented Lambic-style beer from different ages with the addition of fresh robinia flowers

🇧🇪 Tilquin

  • Gueuze Tilquin – Draft Version (5,3% vol.)
  • Blend of 50% of 1 year old Meerts from Boon and 50% 1 & 2 year old lambics from Lindemans, Cantillon & Girardin; Aged and blended by Tilquin

  • Quetsche Tilquin – Draft Version (5,3% vol.)
  • Fruit lambic with 250 gr fresh and destoned plums per liter fermented in a blend of 50% of Meerts and 50% of 1 and 2 years old lambics

  • Experimental Fruit Series #3 – Myrtille Sauvage (5% vol.)
  • Spontaneous beer with wild blueberries

  • Experimental Fruit Series #3 – Mirabelle (6,5% vol.)
  • Spontaneous beer with Mirabelle plums

  • Experimental Fruit Series #3 – Melon Charentais (6,3% vol.)
  • Spontaneous beer with Charentais melon

  • Experimental Fruit Series #3 – Caseille (5% vol.)
  • Spontaneous beer with Jostaberries

🇦🇺 Two Metre Tall

  • Derwent (5,2% vol.)
  • Farmhouse ale with hops home grown, Tasmanian grown spelt and indigenous organisms

🇪🇸 Ales Agullons

  • Solstici (5,5% vol.)
  • Spontaneous fermentation beer aged 3 years in cask

  • Terrer (5,5% vol.)
  • Spontaneous fermentation beer aged 3 years in cask

  • Setembre 2018 (5,5% vol.)
  • Mixed fermentation beer. Blend of pale ale and Lambic, aged one year in oak barrels. It is produced only once a year, precisely in September

🇮🇹 Antikorpo

  • Lucy (5,6% vol.)
  • Sour IPA produced in collaboration with the Bondai brewery with Pilsner malts, rye malt, wheat and oat flakes, Citra, Mosaic, Ekuanot hops

🇮🇹 Birra Perugia

  • Insolita (6,2% vol.)
  • Italian grape ale made with Trebbiano Spoletino must, an ancient white grape

🇨🇭 Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes

  • Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2018 (11% vol.)
  • Mix fermented strong sour ale aged in old wine oak barrels for one year. After the aging period, the different casks are blended to obtain complexity

  • Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2019 (11% vol.)
  • Mix fermented strong sour ale aged in old wine oak barrels for one year. After the aging period, the different casks are blended to obtain complexity

  • Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Grand Cru – Gola Verage (11% vol.)
  • Strong sour ale aged in rum barrels (6 Months) and red wine barrels (12 months)

  • Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Grand Cru – 27 et Gaston (11% vol.)
  • Blend between a beer aged in a 500-liter keg of Rasteau and a 2017 Chianti barrique. Gaston is the son of Dan, a loyal worker of BFM, and “27” their cat

  • Saison √225 (6% vol.)
  • Farmhouse Saison aged 4 months in wood and then assembled with a young beer

  • Saison Coing-Coing (6% vol.)
  • Quinces harvested in a corner of an orchard, washed and pressed to release the juice and let them ferment naturally, are mixed with our classic saison √225

🇮🇹 Cantina Errante

  • Primavera 2020 (6,5% vol.)
  • Spontaneous coolship beer with interaction of fresh herbs (lemon balm, rosemary, heather, bay leaf, wild mint). Fermented and matured in oak barrels for 15 months

  • 20 Con Sangue di Drago (n.d. vol.)
  • Spontaneous coolship beer with Dragon’s Blood plums. ASF22 preview

  • 20 Con Sangiovese (n.d. vol.)
  • Spontaneous coolship beer with Sangiovese grapes. ASF22 preview

  • Detour Riserva Ramasin 2021 (8,4% vol.)
  • BBlend of several vintages of Detour Bruin through a perpetua (one-vessel solera). About 2 months before packaging, fresh Damson plums has been macerated

  • Spontanea Blend 2021 con Stefano Amerighi (n.d. vol.)
  • Spontaneous coolship beer exposed to the grape harvest air. Blend of 3 vintages. ASF22 preview

  • Visciole 2021 (6,8% vol.)
  • Spontaneous cofermentation of cereals, cherries and sour cherries

  • Saison Scura Kentucky 2019 (9,6% vol.)
  • Farmhouse ale aged two years in oak barrels with short maceration of whole leaves of Tuscan tobacco aged and fermented twice

🇮🇹 Claterna

  • Rusticana (5,5% vol.)
  • Wheat beer, produced with an old variety of wild plum

🇧🇪 De Leite

  • Fils À Papa #12 (n.d. vol.)
  • Cuvee Oncle Pol (7% vol.)
  • Oud bruin produced from a blend of a beer aged in large barrels and a younger one

🇳🇴 Eik & Tid

  • Eldr (6,6% vol.)
  • Sour ale produced through Kveik fermentation. Aged in oak foeders and drawn off using a one vessel solera style method

  • Kapp (3,4% vol.)
  • Raw sour ale inspired by «bière de coupage» method. 10% aged sour is blended into low gravity wort before the house Kveik culture is pitched

  • Kutt (3,4% vol.)
  • Bière de coupage with aronia berries

  • Mørk Oslo (5,7% vol.)
  • Sour dark lager made with Bootleg Biology’s American Oslo yeast, which ferments beer at body temperature in less than 5 days

  • Sabotasje³ (6,3% vol.)
  • Wild barrel aged with Inderøy caraway, famous in Scandinavia for the production of aromas, teas and brandy spirits. Collaboration with BFM

🇮🇹 Kamun

  • Kriek (6,5% vol.)
  • Sour with cherries “la bella di Garbagna” and aromatic herbs. Aged 18 months in Slavonian oak barrels

  • S.Exp II Psicomachia (6% vol.)
  • Sour with Costigliole apricots and aromatic herbs. Aged for 12 months in 1500 liter Slavonian oak barrels

🇫🇷 La Montagnarde

  • Dame de Pique (4,8% vol.)
  • Grape ale made with marc d’Altesse from Savoie

  • Bulle des Prés (6,5% vol.)
  • Spontaneous aged 18 months in Burgundy barrel

  • Pif Paf (5,5% vol.)
  • Mix fermentation golden sour beer aged 24 months in Savoie wine barrel

🇮🇹 Loverbeer

  • Dama Brun-a (8,4% vol.)
  • Oud bruin fermented in oak vats, then matured for 12 months in large barriques

  • BeerBrugna (7% vol.)
  • Beer with Ramassin plums from the Bronda Valley, aged in barrique

  • BeerBera (8% vol.)
  • Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts and bacteria presents on the Barbera grape skin with subsequent maturation in oak vats for 5/6 months

  • For Fan (7% vol.)
  • Fermentation by an inoculation of lactic bacteria and yeasts. Maturation in barrique for 12 months with the addition of round apricots from Costigliole Saluzzo

  • Sour Sketch (5,6% vol.)
  • Italian grape ale. Fermentation by an inoculation of yeasts and subsequently by yeasts and wild bacteria present on fruit. Fermentation and maturation in steel for 5/6 months

  • Saison de L’Ouvrier Serpilla (5,8% vol.)
  • Farmhouse ale fermented and aged in oak vats for 5/6 months with cold infusion of wild thyme

  • Papëssa (7% vol.)
  • Russian Imperial Stout. Fermentation with yeasts of British origin and use of Columbus hops, aging for 12 months in barrique

🇮🇹 Marcio Produzioni

  • Birrozzo della Socia 2018 (6% vol.)
  • Wild ale with elderflowe

  • Birrozzo della Casa 2017 (6% vol.)
  • Blend between different vintages with wild plums


  • Birrozzo Sofia Forte 2016 (% vol.)
  • Wild ale with macerated Fiano pomace

  • Birrozzo Primo Aleatico 2015 (6.5% vol.)
  • Wild ale with Aleatico pomace

  • Birrozzo Bicocca 2018 (6.5% vol.)
  • Wild ale with apricots

🇮🇹 Montegioco

  • Mac Mummy 2015 (9,2% vol.)
  • Pure barley malt beer, part of which is peaty. It is aged for 3 years in oak barrels after having made a first fermentation in steel with selected yeasts

  • Seclè 2016 (7,5% vol.)
  • Blend of 3 beers (Garbagnina, Rurale, Demon Hunter) aged in cask

  • Home-Bretta (10,2% vol.)
  • Raspberry sour beer with brettanomyces isolated from the Mummia

  • Rurale Barriqué 2013 (7,4% vol.)
  • Beer obtained by aging the Rurale for 3 years in barrique

  • La Mummia 2016 (6,3% vol.)
  • PProduced by aging the Runa in barrique which contained Barbera Bigolla wine by Walter Massa

🇮🇹 Oldo

  • 30 Legni (5,5% vol.)
  • Sour stout with mixed fermentation aged in a barrel produced with staves from different woods

🇮🇹 Panil

  • Barriquée 2010 (8% vol.)
  • Oud bruin-style beer aged three months in cognac barrels from the Bordeaux area, inoculated with Brettanomyces

🇸🇮 Reservoir Dogs

  • Baal 2020 (8% vol.)
  • Amber base beer matured in wooden barrels on rebula grape berries with indigenous yeasts from wine cellar Movia

  • Gaap 2020 (8% vol.)
  • Porter barrel aged with Brettanomyces and sour cherries

  • Marbas 2020 (7% vol.)
  • Saison matured in wooden barrels on Riesling grape skins with indigenous yeasts from
    Musivum craft winemakers

  • Orias (7,5% vol.)
  • Flanders red – style beer matured in wooden barrels with indigenous yeast from Štemberger
    wine cellar

🇩🇪 Schneeeule

  • Marlene (3,5% vol.)
  • Traditional Berliner weisse

  • Kennedy (3,5% vol.)
  • Variant of the traditional Berliner weisse, with cold dry hopping of American Summit hops

  • Irmgard (3,5% vol.)
  • Berliner weisse produced with the addition of ginger, aromatic herbs and orange peel

  • Hot Irmi (3,5% vol.)
  • Berliner weisse produced with the addition of ginger, aromatic herbs, orange peel and Habanero hot pepper

🇮🇹 South Soul

  • Almyros (4,5% vol.)
  • Gose with bergamot and sumac, a spice of Middle Eastern origin

🇮🇹 The Wall

  • Birra Cargo 2019 (9% vol.)
  • Beer inspired by Scottish ales produced with Sicilian Nero d’Avola grape juice and aged for one year in cask. Collaboration with Paolo Erne

🇮🇹 Amerino

  • Experience Ginepro, Limone e Pepe Rosa (4,3% vol.)
  • Beer with the addition of lemon in fermentation. Juniper and pink pepper are added in several stages of production

  • Experience Sour Lamponi e Mirtilli (4,5% vol.)
  • Sour fruit ale with the addition of 250 g/l of fruit pulp in fermentation

🇮🇹 Bionoć

  • Spiga Nera (8% vol.)
  • Italian grape ale with red grape must, aged 12 months in barrique

  • Spontanea (6% vol.)
  • Blend of beers from three different years, fermented spontaneously and aged for three years in wooden barrels

  • Maraska (6,4% vol.)
  • OOud bruin with fruits obtained by adding 250g/L of cherries of two distinct varieties, Stevemberg and Sat Morel, harvested in the Vigolo Vattaro area (Trento)

🇮🇹 Birrificio Italiano

  • Delia (4,3% vol.)
  • Summer pils

🇮🇹 Ca’ del Brado

  • Carteria N.2 (7,6% vol.)
  • N.2 is the second beer of the Carteria project. Blend of barrique 2018

  • Û Orange 2020 (7,9% vol.)
  • Wild IGA produced with Tocai (Tokaj) grapes in collaboration with the winemaker Kmetija Štekar

  • Invernomuto Riserva 2018 (6,8% vol.)
  • Farmhouse ale in a limited edition obtained by assembling the brett ale Piè Veloce Brux with the Vieille Saison Nessun Dorma and aged 24 months in a single tonneau

  • Scrâna (7,4% vol.)
  • Sour ale with two years aging in cask and subsequent cold spicing of smoked rosemary and juniper

  • Euroblend 2020 (7% vol.)
  • Smoked Sour ale made with Freigeist and Brekeriet. The blend is composed of 50% of a Ca’ del Brado beer aged for 5 months, for 25% of a beer aged 15 months in bourbon barrels (Brekeriet) and for 25% of a beer aged for one year in barrel (Freigeist)

  • Cuvée de Pesga (7,8% vol.)
  • Sour ale with yellow-fleshed nectarine peaches

  • Nessun Dorma (6,4% vol.)
  • Vieille Saison produced with a good percentage of unmalted wheat and oats, aged from 6 to 8 months in tonneau and barriques

🇮🇹 Cask Irpinia Barrel

  • VìV (4% vol.)
  • Berliner weisse brewed with Senatore Cappelli durum wheat and grapefruit skins. Produced with the “no boil” technique and hopped with Saaz only in mashing

  • Hoppy Sour Ale (5% vol.)
  • Golden ale aged in barrique for 4 months with the addition of Tramonti lemon peels and pink salt

🇮🇹 Collerosso

  • Round Overnight 2019 (5,5% vol.)
  • Blend of different vintages spontaneously fermented in different wooden barrels (ex-Calvados, ex-Amarone, ex-Montepulciano)

🇧🇪 De Ranke

  • WijnBerg (5,8% vol.)
  • Oud bruin produced with a part of young beer and another aged two years in oak barrels. To give further complexity, a quantity of Cuvée de Jacobins produced by the Vanderghinste brewery is also added

  • Kriek Audenaerde (6,5% vol.)
  • This beer is inspired by the tradition of steeping whole cherries on old brown beer in the city of Oudenaarde, where many producers were making it in the first half of the 20th century

  • Kriek (7% vol.)
  • Blend of Flemish ale and Lambic with the addition of 25 kg of cherries/hl

  • Cuvée (7% vol.)
  • Blend of a barrel aged De Ranke beer and a Girardin Lambic

🇺🇸 Holy Mountain

  • Demonteller (5,1% vol.)
  • Mixed fermentation saison, hopped with Galaxy and Mosaic and aged in oak barrels

🇩🇪 Kemker Kultuur

  • Gentiana (7% vol.)
  • Sour ale with gentian, cartwheel-flower, myrica and fragrant verbena. Fermented on cider lees in barrique for 9 months

  • Stadt Land Bier (3,5% vol.)
  • Table saison with East Kent Golding and Hallertau hops

  • Aoltbeer Green Walnut (6% vol.)
  • Sour barrel aged with walnuts

  • Venn (6% vol.)
  • Gruit with wild myrtle, aged in red wine barrels for 21 months

🇺🇸 Libertine

  • Authentic SLO Wild Ale #4 (5% vol.)
  • Wild ale fermented and barrel aged in French oak

🇮🇹 Maestri del Sannio

  • Spaccarella 2021 (5% vol.)
  • Sour with Spaccarella apricot, an indigenous variety of apricot from Sannio

  • Cerasella 2018 (6,2% vol.)
  • Sour with cherries. The base beer is fermented and aged for two years in barrels. Then there is an addiction of cherries

  • Vignarella 2019 (6,6% vol.)
  • Spontaneous fermentation beer based on Romanella wheat, intensely characterized by Aglianico grapes from biodynamic agriculture from the Canlibero company

  • Cuvée Iannucci 2021 (7,6% vol.)
  • Spontaneous fermentation beer with Falanghina grapes from the Iannucci farm

🇮🇹 Menaresta

  • Birra Madre 2017 (4,8% vol.)
  • Lambic fermented with sourdough for bread-making and aged in barrels for at least nine months

  • Bombyx 2017 (5,4% vol.)
  • Sour ale with mulberry blackberries

  • Sidro Madre (7,4% vol.)
  • Sour cider fermented with mother yeast for bread making (the same as Birra Madre) in wine-derived barrels, aged 4/5 months

  • Panigada 2018 (5,8% vol.)
  • Light beer that comes from a Saison aged in wooden barrels, then spontaneously bretted, and added elderberry or “panigada”

🇬🇧 Moor

  • PMA (5,3% vol.)
  • Pale Modern Ale

  • B.A.D.A.S.S. 1 (8,9% vol.)
  • Sour dark ale aged in Scotch whisky barrels for 12 months with Brettanomyces.

🇮🇹 Opperbacco

  • Nature Cuvée Blend 2019 (7% vol.)
  • Beer fermented with yeasts present in grapes from three different wineries: Recchiuti, Pepe and Terraviva

  • Nature Terra Ausonia 2019 (7,2% vol.)
  • Beer made with local cereals and native Brettanomyces isolated from the skins of Montepulciano grapes from the Ausonia winery. Aged in oak barrels

  • Nature Terra Terraviva 2019 (7,3% vol.)
  • Beer made with local cereals and native Brettanomyces isolated from the skins of Montepulciano grapes from the Terraviva winery. Aged in oak barrels

  • Nature Terra Trebbiano Terraviva 2020 (7,1% vol.)
  • Beer made with local cereals and native Brettanomyces isolated from the skins of Trebbiano grapes from the Terraviva winery. Aged in oak barrels

  • Nature Terra Recchiuti 2020 (7,2% vol.)
  • Beer made with local cereals and native Brettanomyces isolated from grape skins owned by the master brewer of Opperbacco, Luigi Recchiuti. Aged in oak barrels

🇩🇰 Penyllan

  • Adele Vintage 2015 (10% vol.)
  • Strong golden ale matured in a cognac barrel for four years with house culture and wild Mirabelle plums

  • Zoe Vintage 2015 (7% vol.)
  • Amber beer blended from one, two and five-year-old ales from Chianti foeder solera

  • Davinia Vintage 2015 (9% vol.)
  • Amber ale aged in a red wine foeder with addition of 500 kgs of black currants and aged for another three years

🇩🇪 Ritterguts

  • Traditional Gose (4,7% vol.)
  • Specialty of Leipzig, brewed to the authentic recipe with Gose yeast, coriander and salt

  • Lichtenhainer Weisse (4,3% vol.)
  • Old Thuringian beer style brewed with smoked wheat

🇮🇹 Siemàn

  • Negà (7,2% vol.)
  • Beer fermented and aged in oak barrels for 12 months, with the addition of Garganega grapes, produced by Siemàn their self, part of which previously dried on the plant

  • Incrocio Rosso (6,1% vol.)
  • Beer aged in cask for about a year to which red Tai, Pinot and Turchetta grapes are added

  • Bucce (6,8% vol.)
  • After a 12-month maturation in oak barrels, some of their best white grapes grown on the Berici Hills are added together with those of other winemakers

  • Bloody Side (6,3% vol.)
  • Blend of different beers, all aged 12 months in oak barrels with indigenous yeasts, to which 350 kg of Visciole from the Lepini mountains have been added

  • Berry Hills (5,9% vol.)
  • This beer ferments and ages for 12 months in oak barrels with indigenous yeasts. At the end of ripening, fresh blackberries grown on the Berici Hills and Tai Rosso grapes are added

  • Secondo Noi (5,9% vol.)
  • Basic spontaneous beer

  • Rive Rosse (7,7% vol.)
  • Spontaneous beer with red grapes

🇮🇹 Turbacci

  • Riserva (7,5% vol.)
  • Flemish red ale

🇧🇪 Vanuxeem

  • Queue de Charrue 2021 (5,4% vol.)
  • Oud bruin

🇨🇿 Wild Creatures

  • Velvet Evolution 2020 (6,5% vol.)
  • Wild ale with apricots aged in oak barrels

  • Meditation 2018 (7% vol.)
  • Spontaneous beer made by a blend of ales that have been barrel aged for between one and three years

  • Femme Fanale 2021 (7,6% vol.)
  • Wild ale with 200 grams of fresh Moravian Fanal cherries per litre